Free Bag of Hills Science Diet Dog or Cat Food at Petsmart

Posted on Sep 12th 2017
Free Bag of Hills Science Diet Dog or Cat Food at Petsmart
By glitterdog


PetSmart is offering a free bag of Hills Science Diet Cat or Dog Food (4 to 5lbs).

YMMV on this deal. Some people have been rejected, some had no problems. The barcode is the same for everyone

Good until 10/02/17

1. If you are not yet a PetPerks member, sign up here first

2. Print this coupon

3. Go to your local PetSmart with the coupon

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CardBear sells discounted PetSmart gift cards. You can buy those discounted gift cards to use on top of this purchase to save even more.

  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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Guest #402 - 5 years ago
I tried at 3 different Pet Smart locations, they all told me the same story ' THIS COUPON IS LINKED TO A PHIONE NUMBER YOU MUST GIVE AT TIME OF REDEMPTION' I tired the number linked to my Pet Smart card and it was refused at all three stores as NO MATCH FOUND. I had a manager at all three stores try to over ride would not allow.
Guest #246 - 5 years ago
Will not work unless you can get the manager to override. Waited 10 minutes while cashier tried to get the system to accept it. Finally a manager did a manual override.
Guest #444 - 5 years ago
Coupon is not good. My local store honored it after they asked if I got it through an email. I said yes and promptly donated it to my local Humane Society.
Guest #395 - 5 years ago
Does not work. Don't use. It's a reprint off of somebody's reward. Already used.
Guest #316 - 5 years ago
Our store was about to deny it, but asked how i got it. I told them I'm on the Petsmart email list. Technically i didn't lie, but didn't really answer their question. They overrode it and took it. I've given them enough business over the years so i didn't feel guilty about a free bag of food...
Guest #269 - 5 years ago
Did not work with my PetPerks card either, said offer was not valid for my card
Guest #456 - 5 years ago
please remove..... this will not work as guest has stated
Guest #585 - 5 years ago
Coupon did not work at my Petsmart, cashier said it had to be directly emailed from company not the one printed here.
Guest #776 - 5 years ago
Is anyone having luck redeeming? I have a perks account and store manager at 2 stores says requires 2 barcodes as this is not in my account to use.
Guest #537 - 5 years ago
Grab a free bag and donate it to your local shelter. Mine went straight to the rescue dogs from Hurricane Harvey.
Spoofee - 5 years ago!
Thank you Glitterdog!