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Free $25 Gift Card for Test Driving a Subaru

Posted: 07/19/17 12:03 pm ( 1 year ago )
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L46 General
Free Gift Card Test Driving a Subaru

Subaru is offering a free $25 reward card which can be in the form of Visa gift card for free when you test drive a new Subaru vehicle.

Step 1
Go to Subaru and enter your zip code

Step 2
Choose a dealer near you and click Show Website

Step 3
Turn off AdBlock for the Subaru website

Step 4
Click Inventory then New Inventory

Step 5
You will see a popup for a $25 gift card for test driving

Step 6
Go to the Subaru dealership with the voucher
Sometime stating that you are not interested in buying a car will make the sales rep just sign off the voucher

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Guest - 1 year ago
Some comments are a year old so maybe this is too old now?
Mitler (L6 Recruit) - 1 year ago
RE Step 6 I think this was copy-pasted from the recent Volvo promo.

The Volvo promo worked, all the Subaru websites around Baltimore are not showing this pop-up so maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's not in all markets.
e1geo (L6 Recruit) - 1 year ago
How come Volvo gives you $50 while Subaru only gives you $25?
Guest - 1 year ago
is not working for me
Guest - 1 year ago
Not even worth the time.
Guest - 1 year ago
Doesn't work!
GpD (L9 Corporal) - 1 year ago
RE: Step 6 - Why would you go to a Volvo dealership? Wouldn't you need to go to a Subaru dealership?
Guest - 1 year ago
No pop up for gift card at 60004 location.
Guest - 1 year ago
Volvo? Subaru? Cut and paste. I'm sure it's Subaru this time. Was there two weeks ago and am still waiting for the GC. Was truly interested for when car goes kaput.
Guest - 1 year ago
Go you realize Step 6 states to go to the VOLVO dealership with the voucher?
Guest - 1 year ago
Why would I take my Subaru voucher to the Volvo dealership (Step 6)?
Guest - 1 year ago
Didn't see any popup offer.
srtasa (L17 Officer) - 2 years ago
thanks pat. glitter helped me. i was able to find the email and i ordered the visa gift card. it is supposed to come in about a week. the card expires in 6 months.
Pat 137 (L32 Commander) - 2 years ago
Reply to srtasa

In my case, the salesman faxed the form to someone and handed me back the form. I think the email came within one-two days. However, I never clicked through to see that I had a choice of a "virtual" or a reg. plastic card until later...so at first, I was confused about that part. I'd call the salesman back if you don't get the email right away to make sure he submitted it correctly.
srtasa (L17 Officer) - 2 years ago
i have not gotten my email and i can not pull up MyGiftCardStatus.com

This site can’t be reached

mygiftcardstatus.com’s server DNS address could not be found.
srtasa (L17 Officer) - 2 years ago
how long does it take to get the email and who does the email come from? tia
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 2 years ago
Yeah. You can have your card shipped or use it online and buy physical cards if you want to. It's a great deal for not much effort but is nearly over for now.
Pat 137 (L32 Commander) - 2 years ago
Stopped at Subaru dealer last Thursday, and I immediately told the nice young salesman that I wasn't really buying a car. No problem. However, now I have received a $50 Visa "Virtual Gift Card" and have no idea what the hell that is. I don't shop online. Can I print something out and use it in a store or not? I need some guidance here. Was planning on just using it at my grocery store...thinking they would be mailing me a reg. plastic gift card. Wondering if I can order a $50 store gift card and pay with this virtual card somehow. My store does have a shop from home option (although I never used it). Guess I'll look into that. Any other ideas?

Oh! There was an option to have the card sent to me in the mail when I checked on this in my email! Yay! So, I was worried about it for nothing!
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 2 years ago
This is definitely still on. Just tell them you're interested in their cars but aren't in the market for one right now and want to take advantage of the offer and they most likely won't waste their time or yours with a test drive. Your few minutes of time spent going to the dealer will be worth it.
Pat 137 (L32 Commander) - 2 years ago
Apparently still open. I just checked it out and have to take test drive (but not really required in NJ) by 3/31. Hope to get to do it before it expires.
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 2 years ago
I went by a Subaru dealer and once they submit your information they send you a $50 Visa card via email that once activated can be redeemed electronically for a mini online shopping spree, or, alternatively, you can have one shipped for use in physical retailers.

This is truly a great offer and one that is really hard to come by since one of this value would take a couple months to accumulate with regular offers on here. Thanks, glitter :greed:
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 2 years ago
I got my tumbler last time and was offered a $50 Visa card this time around but at the bottom of the page it says the voucher is good for a $25 one. It also said households are only eligible once every six months for a redemption but I'll give it a try.
glitterdog (L46 General) - 2 years ago
This offer is on again but some are getting a $25 visa or starbucks card
ShelaghC (L9 Corporal) - 2 years ago
Is there any way to find out in advance which they're giving out? I really don't care about Starbuck's but I could really use the $25 visa card.
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 2 years ago
I was offered a $20 Starbucks gift card attached to a Subaru tumbler that will be sent via mail.

There aren't many Subaru dealers around but this is a great deal although like with the past Kia offer I'll let them know I'm more interested in the inventive than the car :car:

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