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How to Get a 10% Discount on Netflix Subscription

Posted: 02/15/19 07:37 am ( 1 week ago )
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How to Get a 10% Discount Netflix Subscription

CardPool is selling NetFlix Gift Cards for a slight discount. Apply it to your account to save a little more.

Netflix price is $12.99 a month
By using this 10% off method, you can save $15.59 a year

Step 1
Go to Cardpool and add a Netflix Gift Card

Step 2
Choose any gift card value for 10% off

Step 3
Wait for the gift card code to be sent to you

Step 4
Go to Netflix to apply the code to your account

Step 5
You can buy much gift cards as you want if you plan on using Netflix forever

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ShadowFalls (L11 Sergeant) - 1 year ago
Better deal getting Gamestop gift cards and converting them to Netflix.
Guest - 1 year ago
so... almost a 70 cent savings?

elvisaintdead (L9 Corporal) - 2 years ago
This one really is ridiculous. If this is what this site is coming to, time to look elsewhere.
Guest - 2 years ago
Emma Johnson posts this bullshit. When did Spoofee jump the shark??
ShadowFalls (L11 Sergeant) - 2 years ago
You all seem to think gas and time is free.
Guest - 3 years ago
I prefer to spend my time hunting for pennies in fountains.
Guest - 3 years ago
Gotta save that 53 cents guys! Lol.
Guest - 3 years ago
Cardbearer employees sure love to post these fake deals.
Guest - 3 years ago
This is borderline ridiculous. Please give me a reason to continue checking spoofee, along with slick deals everyday. I'd rather not resort to just one.
Hipchick119 (L6 Recruit) - 3 years ago
Who posts this BULLSHIT?!
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 3 years ago
Or just use your REDcard. Really not with it, though, either way. If you're really that cheap then just keep signing up for free trials instead of trying to save $6 a year via this method.
Guest - 3 years ago
So I need to buy a gift card online, wait for it to arrive, DRIVE to a store, and buy ANOTHER gift card to save 8%? Good thing fuel is at least free from the Gasoline Fairy.
Guest - 3 years ago
:( post legit deals- grab a penny saver and calm down
Guest - 3 years ago
Sometimes Spoofee takes deals to the next level...of GHETTO! I still remember the post about how to maximize the food you receive at Chipotle... Sheesh! Post some legit deals!
Guest - 4 years ago
I hate you target. Carry Plus sizes or gtfo!
Guest - 4 years ago
I think I'm on the $7.99/month plan, so that's what, 64 cents/month? Even I can't get behind that...
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 4 years ago
The suppliers all offer a guarantee on the gift cards. We recommend checking the gift card and heading over to Target as soon as you get the gift card.
pacfolly (Freebie Lover) - 4 years ago
I wouldn't want to risk getting an empty gift card and the ensuing hassle but thanks for the tip.
Guest - 4 years ago
Oops I calculated wrong!
Guest - 4 years ago
Hey that is a whopping $4.32! I will pass though :)
Guest - 4 years ago
Too much work- I would burn that 8.63 in my time to do this.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 4 years ago
Netflix subscription cost is $8.99/month so that's $8.63/year savings. Maybe it is a bit too much work :P
Guest - 4 years ago
That too much work for 8%

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