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How to Get a Discount on Pokemon Go Items

Posted: 07/18/16 07:05 pm ( 1 year ago )
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How to Get a Discount Pokemon Go Items

Google Play and Apple iTunes is offering Pokemon Go for free. This game blew up over the weekend and you will see people on their smartphones at every park.

Get a Discount on iTunes or Android
These credits can be used to purchase items at the Pokemon Go Shop
- 15% Off Apple iTunes
- 8.5% Off Google Play

Pokecoins - Additional savings by buying more
- 100 Pokecoins for $0.99
- 550 Pokecoins for $4.99 (9% off)
- 1200 Pokecoins for $9.99 (17% off)
- 2500 Pokecoins for $19.99 (20% off)
- 5200 Pokecoins for $39.99 (22% off)
- 14500 Pokecoins for $99.99 (31% off)

Lucky Eggs - Gives you double XP for 30 mins
- 1 Lucky Egg for 80 Pokecoins
- 8 Lucky Eggs for 500 Pokecoins (62.5 each)
- 25 Lucky Eggs for 1250 Pokecoins (50 each)

Lure Module - Brings pokemons to pokespots for 30 mins
- 1 module for 100 Pokecoins
- 8 modules for 680 Pokecoins (85 each)

- Spin your pokeball before throwing to gain 10 extra XP
- Rustling leaves means there is a pokemon there
- Turn off AR mode to make your catching easier
- Go to where Pokestops are to find more pokemons (usually parks, malls, tourist spots are great locations)
- Always use a lucky egg before evolving to double your XP
- Give your extra pokemons to Professor Willow to get XP
- Try going out at different times of the day to get different pokemons
- Walking - Always have an egg in the incubator while you walk. People on the internet has put their phone on a roomba or a toy train to gain KMs
- Type Advantage - When taking over a gym, you want to use Pokemons that have advantage over whoever has taken over. Use this chart
- Charger - Buy a charger so you can play for a longer time
- Have anymore tips? Share them please

Top Rarest Pokemons
Make sure you use your raspberry if you see one of these
- Mew
- Mewtwo
- Zapdos
- Moltres
- Articuno
- Electabuzz
- Scyther
- Gyarados

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Guest - 1 year ago
It's Pokemon. Not Pokemons.
Guest - 1 year ago
He means get a life and put down the smartphone etc.... stop being absorbed by technology. Go out and do some good in the world for someone, help a charity etc...
Guest - 1 year ago
I think you have that backwards, the people that don't have a life are the SAME people 'drawn' to instagram, tumblr, snapchat, etc... there's much more to life than stupid VR games where people are being killed by playing them. POKÉMON LIVES MATTER, right? Tards.
Odyssey27 (Call of Duty) - 1 year ago
You need to get with the program...
Guest - 1 year ago
People saying anyone who plays Pokemon Go has no life, and yet, they're drawn to Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, and every other popular app? Not to mention some people are even spending money on Candy Crush, an app that's even more popular than Pokemon Go. The hypocrisy is real.
Guest - 1 year ago
People need to get a life.....
Guest - 1 year ago
Disgusting to watch ppl play this around the 9/11 memorial.
Guest - 1 year ago
You can use google survey money to buy in game stuff.
Guest - 1 year ago
If you played Ingress you already know where are the gyms and stops are. It's the same places as the Ingress control points are. This is essentially a sequel.
Guest - 1 year ago
wahhh, I want more free stuff and take time to post my disappointment.
djdsk8 (L8 Private) - 1 year ago
Woot, thanks for sharing! Was trying to find this on the market and didn't see it. Almost ended up installing the APK. You saved me from that, thanks again. Now I've spent most of the day since I got it trying to lvl to lvl 5 and hit the training arena...
Guest - 1 year ago
It's a free to play game. How is it a deal?

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