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How to Repair or Replace iPhone Screen for $30

Posted: 07/21/18 09:57 am ( 6 months ago )
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How to Repair or Replace iPhone Screen

eBay sells Apple iPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 7 plus screen replacements for cheap. Apple charges $129 to replace your screen and small repair shops can charge $80-100.

With steady hands, you can do this yourself.

Regular Price is $129

Step 1
- iPhone 5s Screen for $20.88
- iPhone 6 Screen for $21.95
- iPhone 6 Plus Screen for $22.79
- iPhone 6s Screen for $19.95
- iPhone 6s Plus Screen for $22.50
- iPhone 7 Screen for $20.99
- iPhone 7 Plus Screen for $25.90
- iPhone 8 Screen for $19.95
- iPhone 8 Plus Screen for $24.95
- iPhone X Plus Screen for $167.95
- Tools for $0.73 Shipped

2. Watch Youtube videos on how to do the repair
- iPhone 5s instructions
- iPhone 6 instructions
- iPhone 6 Plus instructions
- iPhone 6s instructions
- iPhone 6s Plus instructions
- iPhone 7 instructions
- iPhone 7 Plus instructions
- iPhone 8 instructions
- iPhone 8 Plus instructions
- iPhone X instructions

3. Work on a clean and well lit table. The screws are very tiny.

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Guest - 6 months ago
be careful with this, apple is well known for bricking your device or disabling features if you dont use their replacement. this is why i will never own an apple product.
Guest - 6 months ago
emme stop ruining other peoples business DO YOU FIX IT FOR $30
there are people trying to make a living here too. post retail deals not this.
Guest - 6 months ago
call mobile gadget repair in gwinnett ga they will come to you and put best screens and 1 year warranty
Guest - 1 year ago
Just get a glass protector $5
Guest - 1 year ago
Aftermarket LCDs like this are notoriously bad for color, brightness and sensitivity. Strongly recommend searching eBay for glass repair services, under $50 and they will re-use your high quality Apple LCD.
Guest - 1 year ago
Andriods are not fragile like Apple products. If the screen doesn't break, the power button will. Just replaced my iPhone with a Sansing Galaxy and love the huge upgrade. The iPhone 6 had a nonfunctional power button AND the screen went bad. Not broken, it went black.

You hipster snowflakes can have your overrated, overpriced Apples.
Guest - 1 year ago
My business was ruined because we spent so much money repairing iPhone screens that broke constantly. This link saved my business, thank you!
Guest - 2 years ago
Those attempting this that don't know what they are doing or do not do their homework can ruin their phone resulting in costing them a lot more.
Guest - 2 years ago
I beg to differ. what if i came in competiton with something YOU are doing.
Guest - 2 years ago
or just get a gorilla glass cover 9h hardness
Guest - 2 years ago
I am out of warranty, and simply walk into an Apple Store and the rest is history.
Guest - 2 years ago
This is suppose to be a deal? And the iPhone 6 LCD for $30 is a bit overpriced. I get them for $24.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 2 years ago
I don't believe this knowledge would ruin anyone's business.

The $80-100 independent repair stores charge is a fair price.

If you have the time, patience and skill, you can do it yourself.
If you don't, you can always pay $50-70 or even $100 for the labor.

Many of us know what goes into changing car oil, but still would pay a car mechanic to do it for us.

There's also no shortage of broken screens :)
Guest - 2 years ago
why would you post this to ruin peoples businesses.

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