2 Free Months of Hulu Plus or Spotify Premium

Posted on Jan 14th 2014
2 Free Months of Hulu Plus or Spotify Premium
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Best Buy is offering a 2 free months of Hulu Plus, Zinio, or Spotify Premium.

- Link to Free Hulu Plus / Spotify / Zinio

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seaofcats - 9 years ago
L14 Officer
Reply to Radarman

That is definitely not true that Hulu is nothing more than gay/lesbian porn...lol. They have some unknown, low-rated, B movies (as does Netflix), so I just avoid those. I can't reply about the TV shows, since I don't watch them. But Hulu does have very good movies (Criterion Collection, popular, family) & documentaries to watch. I haven't had any ads yet in the Hulu Plus movies (membership required to watch), yet the non-Hulu Plus (free) movies all had ads.
Radarman - 9 years ago
L9 Corporal
I tried Hulu Plus. It's nothing more than gay/lesbian porn with a few TV episodes thrown in with more ads than watching it live on TV.

seaofcats - 9 years ago
L14 Officer
Thanks. I've never had any issues with Hulu charging my CC if I cancelled before the billing date...just be sure you mark it on your calendar to cancel (if you don't want to pay for the next month). I use this site for free movies as well.
cusslerfan - 9 years ago
L11 Sergeant
Credit is required because it's a subscription site. It keeps people from getting unlimited free months like the old days when people would set up dummy accounts. If you don't like it when the free time is up, just remember to cancel. If you don't cancel it's your own fault when they start charging you.
glitterdog - 9 years ago
L48 Hero
I always use the prepaid cards I get for rebates for offers such as this
No risk involved at all