12 Gogo Air Inflight Wifi Passes for $34.99

Best price on Google is $119

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12 Gogo Air Inflight Wifi Passes for $34.99
Emma Johnson

Oct 11th 2020 04:16 am

eBay is offering 12 Gogo Inflight Wifi Internet Access for $34.99. These normally cost $9.99/day.

Gogo Inflight Wifi works on domestic flights by United, Delta, Alaska, and Air Canada

The 12 passes expire in a year so if you plan on making at least 2 flights in the next year, this is worth it.

The only down side to this deal is that it needs to be used within a year.

Regular Price is $119.88

eBay Price is $34.99

Provide the seller with your GogoAir username/password

You should change your password after the reward is given to you

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  • Guest
    Guest - 1 week ago
    can more than one be used in the same flight? (i.e. I use one and my wife use a second at the same time?)