How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription

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Posted on Feb 13th 2021
How to Get a Discount on Sirius XM Radio Subscription
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Existing customers can get 75% off or more on SiriusXM Satellite Radio subscription without a coupon code. Currently they are offering 6 months for $29.94! You can also choose 1 year for $60. Some have re-tried with a different rep if the customer service rep did not give them the deal.

Watch the video of how this deal is done

Regular Price is $17.99 / month
Regular Price for 6 months is $107.94

New/Returning Customers - How to get 6 months for $29.94 (Hassle Free)
* Go to SiriusXM and sign up through this link to see the 6 months for $4.99/month

Current Subscribers - How to get the lowest rate
Step 1
You can now do online chat to get this deal!
Go to SiriusXM's website and choose to chat online!

If you prefer to call still, you can do so by calling 1-888-601-6302

Step 2
Tell the CSR (Customer Service Rep) that you would like to cancel because of the price (or any reason you'd like) and they will offer you a lower price

Step 3
Sirius XM will first try to offer you 1 year for $60 ($5/month)
Say that is still too much or ask for a better offer and they'll offer you 6 months for $29.94
It's only $5 a month!

Step 4
If CSR doesn't offer, cancel the cancellation request and just be honest and that you wanted the $60/year offer

Step 5
Mark your calendar to call them before the next renewal date to get a promotional rate again and again and again!

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Guest #432 - 2 weeks ago
Just called and got Music & Entertainment for $6 for 12
Guest #694 - 3 weeks ago
Been having problems with the display on my in-car radio so decided to cancel. Agent finally agreed but tried hard to get me to take the 6/month deal, which is higher than the 5/month I've had for years and years. I'll probably just use the app in that car since I have access to it through a lifetime activated portable radio I have. The little display in the Mazda isn't much good anyway - the phone display is better I'm sure. Or, I'll see the come-back mail offers start rolling in.
Guest #622 - 3 months ago
Got premium. $107. Had them waive fees and tax total $107.84. Ten minutes never had to say cancel. Just beat rate
Guest #547 - 4 months ago
December 23, 2023... 2 years Music & Entertainment with FREE upgrade to platinum for 24 months for $ 4/month !! Of course, they will then add on taxes and fees ... Wow.. .
Guest #497 - 4 months ago
Just got an even better deal than the $60 plus fees. Canceled a few months ago and first got this $5/mo offer, but now a $4/mo came in the mail ($48/yr plus fees). You need to input this in your browser address bar:
Guest #505 - 4 months ago
I have been using this site since 2017 and essentially have always been able to renew my Platinum Plan (formerly All-Access) for about the same rate for 12 months. It has slowly increased from $99 for 12 months to $107.88 (before US Music Royalty Fee and taxes) for 12 months.
Dec. 2020 was the only year they would not offer similar promotion so I canceled subscription, waited 5 days, and added similar plan as new subscriber.

Called 1-888-601-6302 on Dec. 19, 2023 and without hassling as they normally do, SiriusXM offered to renew my current Platinum Plan for 12 months for $107.88.

My monthly bill for the next 12 months:
SiriusXM Service Fee: $8.99
US Music Royalty Fee: $1.92
Other Fees and Taxes: $0.82
TOTAL: $11.73
Guest #547 - 4 months ago
December 17, 2023. Perhaps instead of trying for 4 5 per month, maybe you can get Music and entertainment Plus a free upgrade to Platinum for $ 4 per months for 12 months. I have not tried this myself.,talk%2C%20sports%20analysis%20%26%20more.&text=offer%20details%20for%20Music%20%26%20Entertainment,activation%20(a%20%2415%20savings).
Guest #733 - 7 months ago
live chat to cancel and request same promo as before... $60 tax/fees for 12 months of music & entertainment plan (totals around $72)
Guest #5995 - 8 months ago
I just went through the annual pain-in-the-tail phone call to renegotiate monthly rates. Our (all in $6.50/month) plan for Music & Entertainment went up to $18.21. When I called, they tried putting me on an 'Advantage' plan that would be $9.70 per month without me calling back forever with no changes 'unless we increase costs or fees'. (What???) They then tried to sell me on the same Music & Entertainment plan with a monthly (all-in) cost of $7.71. Then they tried a limited 65-channel offering for the same monthly cost of $6.50 (all-in). I balked at that too (absolutely stupid to have a limited number of channels available on my OEM radio. At the end of all this, I got the same rate I had for another 12 months. The agent did say that the T-Mobile free offer was valid, but it only covered streaming.
Guest #260 - 8 months ago
This year I actually had to cancel. I've been playing the game since 2015, started off with 6 month packages and in 2019 began receiving 12 month offers. I've been doing the Music & Entertainment package and it typically comes out to be around $77 and change with taxes and royalty fees. This year got the typical first offer, which was higher and a downgrade. Continued the dialoug but couldn't get the representative to give me the 12 months for $60 on the Music & Entertainment package. He said it didn't exist anymore. I actually told him to cancel then, and he did. I have a promo offer with T-Mobile for streaming the Platinum plan for 6 months, so I'm doing that. Streaming works fine for my long trips. I also just received in the US mail a 'we miss you come back & save' $6/mo for 12 months on Music & Entertainment. is the link. Appears they are trying to push the package price up $1/month from what I have been receiving. During my chat I was offered this same promotion and I was also offered Music Showcase at $60 plus taxes & fees for 12 months. I guess this is a rebranded XM Select with much fewer channels than Music & Entertainment 100 vs 400 .

So I will enjoy my free Platinum for 6 months, cancel that renewal with T-Mobile and then use my offer with Walmart . Free year of Platinum streaming, meanwhile see how agressive SiriusXM wants me back during that timeframe.

Bottomline, first time I actually pulled the trigger on cancelling my car account. Still streaming in my car and home just now playing the promotional game with my other services. Since I don't drive as much not sure I will actually pay for the service again. Found some great local radio stations on FM and I have other good streaming options already with Spotify, Amazon and Pandora for the long drives. They are playing a dangerous game losing long time customer revenue.
Guest #2462 - 9 months ago
I just did the chat, as suggested, and I ended up with a new 12-month Platinum Plan subscription of $8.24/month (from $33/month...wasn't paying attention to my AutoPay..*shaking head*).
Guest #388 - 9 months ago
I renewed my yearly platinum plan yesterday through the chat feature and managed to get the same promo of $128.15 including taxes, fees, royalties etc. It took about 15 minutes with the representative on chat. I insisted that I wanted the same plan as last year after declining all offers very 'politely', so the rep left to speak with a manager and review my file, it was decided that I could have the exact same offer as last year. I thanked the rep throughout my conversation regarding his attempts to assist me which I think may have affected the positive result I received. This is the first time I used the chat to get the discount, I usually call in. One thing you must make clear is that you are willing to cancel your account.
Guest #372 - 10 months ago
I did Chat renewal. Got one year Platinum Plan (All Access) $8.99/month plus Music Fee, total $130.97
Guest #694 - 10 months ago
Clicked cancel to get into chat. Got Music and Entertainment for $72.84 for a year, taxes and fees included. Did the old have to check with management because this is out of my scope bit but came back with what I wanted. Set for another year.
Guest #694 - 1 year ago
Clicked cancel, did 10 minute chat. Got Music Showcase for $72 for a year- taxes and fees included, same as last year. No hassle.
Guest #682 - 1 year ago
Just got off of chat. I found a SiriusXM ad for 4.99/mo for 24 months. Had to take a screen shot to send them. 6.06 per month for 24 months, out the door. Asked if they would do it for my other vehicle as I am paying the 6.06 already, for a year (coming up in Oct}. She would only help for a year not 2. Said no and see what they come up this in Oct.
Guest #298 - 1 year ago
I just got the Music and Entertainment plan for $75 a year taxes/fees included. They tried to keep me on my current plan when I said I would cancel which would have been $94.58 with a advantage plan which keeps the current rate I have without calling every year. But I told them I would call because things change and rates change. It went down to 82.58 and then finally $75. It took about 20-25 mins..just be patient and you will be good to go :)
Guest #534 - 1 year ago
Music and entertainment 6.48/month for 12 mos including taxes. 77.76. Lots of back and forth with higher offers, just kept saying cancel and they eventually acquiesced..
Guest #399 - 1 year ago
$5.99 a month for the Music & Entertainment Advantage which is what I had been paying so I'm happy with that. And my chat took literally 10 minutes from beginning to end. I straight up told the agent I wanted what I had last time and they responded 'Good News because you are a great customer, you qualify for that rate...'. Easy peasy!
Guest #540 - 1 year ago
$71.88 yearly plan no taxes/fees for car. Easy breezy chat. Let them know I'm a loyal customer and I was willing to cut two cars off and only keep the home system.
Guest #310 - 1 year ago
17 Jan 2023 'Music & Entertainment Advantage Plan' $94.08/year charged monthly. I had the 'XM Music Showcase plan' at $78.36/year billed/year. They got an additional $15.72 out of me over the year, but in exchange I got more channels (that I probably won't listen to) and I don't have to negotiate each year (except for the ominous '...and until further notice').

The chat conversation went like this...
14:08, Jan 17
I can change your service to our affordable package for Music & Entertainment Advantage Plan for only $5.99 a month plus fees and taxes.

Arn: This will be your rate as long as your radio is active and until further notice.
Which means YOU don’t need to call back for a discount or promotional rate.

You: How much are the taxes and fees on that?

Arn: Subscription Fees
US Music Royalty Fee
Other Fees and Taxes

You: So pay an extra $21.24 over the year so we don't have to negotiate each year: correct?

Arn: Yes rest assured that this will be your rate as long as your radio is active and until further notice. Let me send you now the terms for this.
Guest #540 - 1 year ago
The longest chat in history just to get $4.99 for two cars. Paid $69.32 for one car that expires tomorrow and he tried to sell me the other for $71.88 which expires on 2/1. I'll contact them in a few weeks to see what they can offer for this car. This is coming off a six month trial for both cars for $2 apiece. We've been with them for 19 years and have a home radio on the advantage promo for $87 yearly. The cars have the fees waived. The thing is, I can use the phone to listen in the car, so why am I paying for the car?
Guest #2839 - 1 year ago
It's still working but they are pushing hard on getting people up to the higher prices. Took 28 minutes on chat to get the $4.99/month for 12-month deal. Need to be willing to walk!
Guest #513 - 1 year ago
I just renewed my platinum plan. I received an invoice for $361 and after a 20 minute chat was able to talk them down to $60 for the year. They kept insisting I had to pay the $15-20 in royalty fees but after haggling they dropped those as well!
Guest #727 - 1 year ago
After several phone calls, it seems like the cheapest possible rate for the full lineup is now $5.99 a month for 12 months, not the $4.99 I've been paying for years. Still better than the $17.46 full rate.
Guest #400 - 1 year ago
Online chat for renewal… $4.99 / month taxes for 12 months = $72.84
Guest #5196 - 1 year ago
My subscpition was due to expire in Oct, so first i called the # and the recording didnt offer me that great of a deal so i said NO an Hung up. This is for Platinum and Travel Link, which would have been $35 per month at regualar rate. I was paying $17.46/month until October. I did the online chat and told them it was going to be too expensive. They saved me more money and i have the same plan(s) for now $13.62/month so i am happy and i even saved money over last year. Will keep doing this as long as i have a subsription
Guest #208 - 1 year ago
renewed my subscription online via chat for 1 year/$60 plus fees/taxes which was $72.44. Been doing this for past 12 years.
Guest #4019 - 1 year ago
Just renewed 2 radio’s Music & Entertainment for 6 months for $30 plus taxes ($38.17 each). Sending paper bill for no fee.
Guest #9723 - 1 year ago
I got my year of platinum for 72.16. Got a better deal than buddy as I got them to take off the music royalty fee. Didn’t waste any time and told them my buddy got a promo and I would like the same and did it all through the chat.
Guest #737 - 1 year ago
Renewed Music & Entertainment for $60 plus tax and fees. Said I wanted that rate or would cancel. No problem, 5 minute call.
Guest #338 - 1 year ago
I always check out this site to get prepared and motivated when I call SiriusXM. I was able to keep my $60 for 12 months plus fees and taxes for $72 each of my three cars. Just told them I had to cancel otherwise.
Guest #338 - 1 year ago
I was able to keep my $60 for 12 months plus fees and taxes for $72 each on my three cars. Just told them I had to cancel otherwise.
Guest #501 - 1 year ago
Did the chat and was first offered $5.99 per month for Music and Entertainment after I told the agent I wanted to cancel. I told them I could only afford to continue at the same $4.99 rate as last year. After checking, the agent agreed. So - got Music and Entertainment for $72.25 a year, same as my rate for the last year.
Guest #8176 - 1 year ago
Similar to another customer - I am a long time subscriber of 10 years. The claim is this price will never increase as long as my account is in good standing or I cancel. I paid 125.00 for 1 yr ALL ACCESS tax and fees included.
Guest #287 - 1 year ago
Seems like new strategies are in play. First, I usually negotiated an annual plan playing this game running from $60 to $99 per year plus fees depending on the year. Now when renewal came up it was 17.99 a month which is not of any value to me. Chatted and was able to get down to my price point which is 4.99/month paid monthly with a reversion to full price one year later. What was not communicated was this was a downgrade of service severely taking away on-line listening channels. So I called (no more chat) and was wholeheartedly ready to cancel since I can do more with other services I subscribe to. I was offered a no contract $7.75 a month (paid monthly) with no additional fees or taxes called something like advantage. I have been a subscriber far to long (early adopter before internet streaming of the original duopoly because of my remote location at the time) and apparently this is special for long time subscribers. I will give it a month or two and see how I feel about the service. The claim is this price will never increase as long as my account is in good standing or I cancel. Seems too good to be true but I am playing along for now. This is $93 per year all in with fees and taxes. I will wait a couple of charges to see if it holds true.
Guest #759 - 2 years ago
nceled. Two days later call from SXM with %.00 month plus fees. Cancel, fill out their survey, and wait until they call you.
Guest #501 - 2 years ago
Did chat and got Music Showcase for $72 including taxes and fees for a year. It's only 100 channels but has everything I listen to anyway. I really only listen to about a half dozen music channels.
Guest #449 - 2 years ago
Have used Spoofee technique for renewing at discounted rate for 7 years. They would not offer me the $60/yr rate. Went back and forth 3 times and only went as low as $72/yr plus junk fees. I cancelled. Funny part is that I don’t even care. Too many other music options out there now.
Guest #534 - 2 years ago
Called friday. Asked for $60/12, offered $72. Canceled.
I can go online today and get the $60/12 offer as a new customer.
Guest #251 - 2 years ago
Another thing to warn about invoice billing, I kept receiving phone calls, emails and letters about paying my invoice when in fact I haven't received my invoice! I actually mailed out my payment on one of the notices usually in years past I would receive my invoice in the mail promptly but this time it took awhile well over a month to finally arrive!
Guest #440 - 2 years ago
Today 2/11/22, got Music & Entertainment for $72.00 for 1 yr. All fees and taxes waived
Guest #1338 - 2 years ago
Just made my annual call to SiriusXM and was able to renew Music & Entertainment at $60/year fees. They originally offered the current promo of $72/year ($5.99/mth) but agreed to match last year's promo after asking. I have 4 radios so that may have been why they agreed to match it.
Guest #542 - 2 years ago
Went online to cancel, was given a number to call. Called and was offered the Platinum for $99 a year, total was $120~ after some fees which is what I pay every year. NEVER EVER put a credit card on file!! Pay the $2 for a paper billing so you don't get autocharged. EZ....only a fool would pay $300 for Sirius and they need to stop the games and charge a realistic rate.
Guest #597 - 2 years ago
Just renewed Music & Entertainment for $5.99 for 2 vehicles. Total $90.94 . They Waived the $2.00 invoice fee on each vehicle.
Guest #586 - 2 years ago
I called the 866-635-2349 customer retention line mentioned below and recieved a better overall experience. Last year I negoicated the rep into a corner and she cancelled my account and hung up on me. I recieved the invoice for over $320.00 for one mobile radio and All Access. No way I can afford that! I was offered the discount rate $99.00 a year with taxes and fees came to 122.19 for the full year. I tried to get the $60.00 a year price but recieved push back from the rep stating it was no longer offered (year right). At least she did not ask for a credit card on file this time. So it comes to 1/3 of the listed full price which I can live with.
Guest #258 - 2 years ago
I have an older XM radio. Sub was up Jan 15 2022. I logged into my account on January 14. In the dropdown menu, there is an option to cancel that I selected, and a pop-up said that I couldn't renew online and had to speak to chat. Well, instead of clicking on chat, I closed the pop up and it let me proceed and I was able to get Music and Entertainment for 6 months for 29.94 plus 6.41 royalties. ( Platinum was 99 for the year and M&E was 60 for the year but I only wanted the 6 months). Didn't need chat at all. This was the fastest easiest renewal I have ever had..
Guest #572 - 2 years ago
I've had sirius in the car since we bought it in 2013. Never paid more than $5/month. Today got in chat and told them I would cancel if I didn't get that rate as the renewal high rate would go into effect tomorrow. Gave me all kinds of other offers and said that rate was no longer available. I told them I saw a $5/month offer via email 2 days ago for another car that we don't subscribe on and they said that was an email only deal and not availble in chat. Told them I got the $5 in chat last year which is true (in prior years I had called the 888 phone number) but still wouldn't budge on $5/month so I cancelled. Told them their loss, we've been a subscriber for 8 years and I know the rate IS available for some customers and not right not to give everyone the same price. Will see what they now offer to come back and I bet it's $5/month.
Guest #389 - 2 years ago
Last year's price for Music & Entertainment level was $60 $12.84 fees = $71.85. Used chat to cancel due to renewal cost and was offered $71.88 $14.98 fees = $86.86 ($15 increase). Was told this would be my forever annual price year-after-year until I cancel or change service.
Guest #227 - 2 years ago
Wife's car has had Sirius cancelled for at least 3 years. Just received promotional offer in the mail
for Music and Entertainment plan....$99 for 3 years. $2.75 per month with free activation.