2021 Toyota Mirai with $15000 in Fuel for $23108

Best price on Google is $64500

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2021 Toyota Mirai with $15000 in Fuel for $23108
Sophia Davis

Mar 20th 2021 03:27 am

Toyota is offering the 2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car + $15,000 in Complimentary Fuel for 2yrs with 0% APR for 72-Months for $23108!

Link to Hydrogen Fuel Map

Info on Carpool Sticker

Video Review of the 2021 Toyota Mirai

Must be in Los Angeles or San Francisco, CA

Regular Price is $64500

1. Find a dealer near you

2. Go to Toyota and shop for a eligible 2021 Toyota Mirai model that qualifies for the TFS Cash offer and Fuel Card offer mentioned on the page
* You will see the +$20,000 TFS APR Cash
* You will see the $15,000 Complimentary Fuel Card

3. Apply for and purchase a qualifying model with prices starting from ~$50,408 (may vary by location)

4. Toyota Cash Discount will deduct $20,000

5. There is a $4500 California Tax Credit

6. There is a $8000 Federal Tax Credit

7. You will also receive a Complimentary Fuel Card valid for up to 2 years or $15,000 of fuel

Final Price is $23108

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  • Guest
    Guest - 2 months ago
    Impossible to do so even if I wanted to. Take a look at the hydrogen fuel map- not very practical unless you live in Kommiefornia.
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 months ago
    What a deal. I have to drive 2,000 miles to refuel.
    Goodbye Tesla!
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 months ago
    Fuel card not available in NorCal
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 months ago
    Only available in California. Also, look at reviews other than one on youtube. This car's performance is suited mainly for California stop and go freeway traffic.