2x Brooks Brothers 1818 Suits for $1019.15 Shipped

Next best price on Google is $2596

Posted on Apr 29th 2024
2x Brooks Brothers 1818 Suits for $1019.15 Shipped
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Brooks Brothers is offering 2x Brooks Brothers 1818 Suits for $1019.15 including shipping!

The 1818 line is considered the top-end line, with suits costing around $1,800 and shirts costing around $120. The 1818 line is made in the USA or Italy from high-quality fabrics and features hand-tailored arm openings and traditional Italian-made internal canvas for a customized fit.

This makes each top-line suit only $510 each!

Regular Price is $2596

Step 1
Go to Brooks Brothers and wait 10 seconds. You will get a popup for a 15% off coupon code
* If you don't see it, just open the page in an incognito window

Step 2
Go to Brooks Brothers

Step 3
Add 2 1818 Suits for $1699.
You will see a "Men's 1818 Suits: 2 for $1699" on the suits that qualify

Step 4
You will also get $500 off in your cart because Brooks Brothers is offering $100 off for every $300 you order!

Step 5
Apply the 15% off coupon promo code

Final Price is $1019.15 Shipped


Deal Screenshots
15% off Brooks Brothers coupon code pop-up
You do need to enter both email and phone number

Brooks Brothers Store Visit
Size Comparison of Brook's Brothers Slim vs Classic vs Traditional by definition
When I visited the store, they had Milano vs Regent vs Madison
The worker responded that they are all the exact same thing and that the company decided on the name change recently.

Size Comparison of Brook's Brothers Slim vs Classic vs Traditional
This is how it looked on me. I have somewhat of a soft lumpy build, but felt the best in a slim fit.
If you have a boxy body, the Classic / Traditional may work better.

The same $100 off every $300 offer is offered in the store

Seems like the Brooks Brothers classic / regent fit is the most popular? This store had a whole lot more of those

How to tell if it's a Brooks Brothers Classic Fit

Choosing Length
Short - 5'7" to 5'9"
Regular - 5'10" to 6'
Long - 6'4" to 6'6"

Fit Comparison
Milano Slim - Chest -1.5in | Waist -1in
Regent Fitted - Best Seller
Madison Classic - Chest +3in | Waist +5in

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