3 Free Stocks of Random Companies from Webull

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3 Free Stocks of Random Companies from Webull
Jennifer Miller

Oct 27th 2020 01:41 pm

Webull is an app that lets you trade stocks. You can get 3 free stocks of a random companies just for signing up and depositing $100. If you want to trade, they take no commission for stock trading.

This offer is good until 11/4/2020

Most brokers charge $7-10 / trade
Webull charge $0 / trade

Step 1
Go to Webull

Step 2
Click on "Open an account"

Step 3
Open a Webull brokerage account and receive a free stock valued between $2.50 - $250

Step 4
Make your initial deposit of $100 or more and receive 2 free stocks valued between $12 - $1400
* It takes around 5 business days for the deposit to go through

Bonus Tip - Another 35 free stocks! (later on)
We recommend to not deposit anymore until Webull sends you an offer. In 3-4 months, users have reported that they got an offer for up to another 35 free stocks. The offer goes
* 10 Free Stocks if you deposit $10k more
* 25 Free Stocks if you deposit $25k more
* 35 Free Stocks if you deposit $100k more
Please WAIT until you receive the "Here is a chance to get 35 FREE stocks!" email.

Tell Us Which Stocks You Received
Go Here and please tell us in the comments what stock you received

If you have any stock recommendations, we are all ears too!

Please ask your question below. We will do our best to get you an answer.
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  • Guest
    Guest - 4 months ago
    I got GNW as well. It seems a lot of people get that.
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    Strange. I got gnw also. I’ll just see it as a $100 investment with 3% return which beats any of my cds. Thanks!
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    I got 5 dollars worth of intuit stock via stockpile when i bought quicken 08. I had to do another whole section when i filed my taxes just because i owned 5 dollars worth of stock. Not worth it unless you already own lots of stock and have to fill that section out already
  • Guest
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    I didn't get a free stock for signing up. I did everything.....even gave social security number and picture of drivers license. Deleted account and will be on my way.....
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    Most brokers are commission free now.
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    I ended up with GNW - $3.

    I'll take it for free =D

    My other one should be coming whenever they get my deposit in.

    $12-1400 so I assume there's a tiny tiny chance of getting GOOG