30 Taco Bell Tacos for $10

Posted on Oct 04th 2022
30 Taco Bell Tacos for $10
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Taco Bell is offering a Taco Lover's Pass for $10. The Taco Lover's Pass allows you to enjoy one select Taco per day for 30-days.

If you live close to a Taco Bell, this is $0.33 per Taco!

Offer is valid for purchase on October 4, 2022 only.

Step 1
Download the Taco Bell App

Step 2
Sign up for the Taco Lover's Pass for $10

Step 3
Once purchased, redeem your tacos from the Taco Lover's Pass category in the menu

Step 4
Celebrate with your first taco. Then one taco a day for the next 29 days

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Guest #600 - 1 month ago
I got this last time it was offered. It was great for about a week and a half... but now i have no desire to eat at taco bell for the next year or so.
Guest #524 - 10 months ago
scuze me why is this listed here this si a sub service not a deal
Guest #572 - 10 months ago
^agreed what the heck is this
pls only deals
Guest #4179 - 10 months ago
Thanks! That’s a fantastic deal.
Guest #3329 - 10 months ago
Wow. So how much in gas would it cost each day to get 1 taco? No Thanks!!
qc86 - 10 months ago
L5 Recruit
I kinda thought this was a forum for actual deals, not to advertise subscription services that for 99% of people will mean paying more since they don't go to terrible food chains more than a few times a month at the most.