360-Day 7GB Unlimited Wireless Cell Phone Plan for $209.99

Best price on Google is $365

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360-Day 7GB Unlimited Wireless Cell Phone Plan for $209.99
Emma Johnson

Oct 20th 2020 05:11 pm

eBay is offering the 360-Day Red Pocket Prepaid Plan: Unlimited Talk & Text + 7GB Data / Month for the best deal.

* You get 7GB data every month!

* No activation fees

* Yes, you can port your old phone number to this plan

* Unlimited Talk

* Unlimited Texts

* 500MB or 2GB or 7GB or 10GB 4G LTE Data

* Runs on the GSMA (AT&T) or CDMAS (Sprint) networks via Red Pocket

* You can enter your ESN here to see if your phone will work

All the options
500MB Plan for $60

1GB Plan for $169.00

2GB Plan for $174.99

7GB Plan for $209.99
Regular Price is $365

20GB Plan for $299.99

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  • Guest
    Guest - 6 days ago
    It is also on the ATT network. You are given a choice of the two.
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 weeks ago
    Only downside is that it's on Sprint network, but Sprint network is actually not that bad. Especially with everyone staying home nowadays.
  • Guest
    Guest - 2 weeks ago
    how is the regular price #365. The picture say 17.50 a month X 12 =$210.