48 Duracell AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries for Free or Make Money

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Posted on Mar 27th 2023
48 Duracell AA or AAA Alkaline Batteries for Free or Make Money
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Office Depot is offering the 48-Pack Duracell AA or AAA Batteries with 100% Rewards Points.

* Limit of 2 per customer for the rewards

* Must be purchased by 3/04/2023

Regular Price is $71.98

Step 1
Go to CardBear to buy discounted 2x Office Depot $25 gift cards for 5% off.

Step 2
If you are not yet a Office Depot Rewards member, sign up here first

Step 3
Go to Office Depot Rewards

Step 4
Choose 2 from the following
* 24x AA Batteries for $35.99
* 24x AAA Batteries for $38.99

Step 5
Use coupon promo code 15145244 to get 20% off

Step 6
Use the discounted gift cards used on this purchase

Step 7
Free Curbside Pickup
Free shipping with $60 purchase

Step 8
Rewards member will get 100% back in Office Depot/OfficeMax Rewards
* Limit of 5 Office Depot / Officemax gift cards can be used per purchase
* You will get 100% back in rewards
* Do not pay with your reward points or you will not earn the reward back on this purchase

Final Price is $57.58 Shipped

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Guest #391 - 1 year ago
New policy at Office Depot: use of gift cards for a purchase blocks the ability to earn rewards. Don't use a gift card, friends!
Spoofee - 1 year ago
Deal is back
Guest #437 - 2 years ago
Not FREE MONEY is it. Please describe it as 'money in rewards points to spend ONLY AT Office Depot' , it's still a good deal but feels like clickbait ,the way it is described above.
Guest #4261 - 2 years ago
This deal is ok I guess. Just remember you are putting out a lot of money for batteries and your reward must be used in a certain time frame. So I would not call the batteries free because you don’t get your actual money back you just get credit for items you buy that you may or may not necessarily need before your credit expires.
Guest #443 - 2 years ago
Alert! OD Rewards expire 60 days after issue. They MUST be used in this time or will be lost.
Guest #1326 - 2 years ago
Too much work, goto sam's
Guest #5959 - 2 years ago
Not even remotely “FREE.” Basically just CLICK BAIT for spoofee... very sad 😢.
Guest #5847 - 2 years ago
Don't be so critical of Emma, if you don't like the deal just move on.
Guest #6233 - 2 years ago
It is not free when you spend money to purchase them.
GpD - 2 years ago
L9 Corporal
Reply to Guest

Some people like this kind of deal. You don't have to use it if you're not interested, but let's not deny the opportunity for others to take advantage of it. Not every deal works for every person!
Guest #401 - 2 years ago
Emma Darling… PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE STOP! Your ‘deals’ are NOT deals. How many more YEARS must you go on with this kind of nonsense? Please, for the luv of Gawd, 🛑 STOP 🛑
Guest #633 - 3 years ago
You'r on a roll today!