6 Meals Delivered from EveryPlate for $18.93 Shipped

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6 Meals Delivered from EveryPlate for $18.93 Shipped
Sophia Davis

Mar 21st 2020 05:13 am

EveryPlate is another Blue Apron like company where they ship you ingredients to cook. Take advantage of their promotional rate to get each meal for only $3.16 including shipping

Step 1
Go to EveryPlate

Step 2
Select 2 People
Select 3 Dinners per week

Step 3
You will get 6 meals delivered for $18.93 including shipping
Food Price $29.94
Shipping is $8.99
Discount -$20

Step 4
Be sure to go here to Deactivate your account to avoid being charged further

Final Price is $18.93 Shipped


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