6x USPS Forever Stamps for $1.60 Shipped

Best price on Google is $3

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6x USPS Forever Stamps for $1.60 Shipped
Jennifer Miller

Oct 30th 2019 09:34 pm

eBay is offering a $3 off Coupon and you can use it on Forever Stamps

Each Forever stamp is worth $0.55
With this deal, you get each one for $0.27

Regular Price is $3.30

Step 1
Text EXTRA to 70799
Then enter your ZIP Code

Step 2
You will receive a $3 off $3.01 coupon

Step 3
Text STOP to 70799 to make eBay stop from texting you again

Step 4
Go to eBay and add the stamp for $3.30

Step 5
During checkout, use the $3 off coupon
Total becomes $0.30!

Step 6
Shipping is $1.30

Final Price is $1.60 Shipped


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