8 Pressed Juices and Smoothies for $20

Next best price on Google is $56

Posted on Aug 09th 2022
8 Pressed Juices and Smoothies for $20
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Pressed makes plant-forward living as delicious and convenient as possible. They are offering 8 bottles of their juice for $20! These are usually $7 each but with this deal, you can buy them for $2.50 each!

Regular Price is $56

Step 1
Go to Pressed Juicery

Step 2
Add 8 juices and the price will drop to $5 each!

Step 3
Use coupon promo code NEW50 to get 50% off $30+ purchase

Step 4
You can pickup in-stores | Store Locator

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Guest #316 - 3 months ago
Was able to stack a bunch of coupons and even after taxes, each bottle was $3.14 with in-store pickup.