Amazon Gift Card for 5% Off

Next best price on Google is $100

Posted on Feb 10th 2024
Amazon Gift Card for 5% Off
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Eneba is offering Amazon Gift Cards for 5.01% off. This makes it 5% off everything at Amazon!

Update : It is now 5.01% off. Still a decent deal

Regular Price is $100

Step 1
Go to Eneba

Step 2
Add a $100 Amazon Gift Card to your cart

Step 3
In your cart, use discount coupon code AMZN100US

Step 4
There is a service fee of $6.12

Final Price is $94.99

Deal Screenshot
Where to enter your discount code

$100 Amazon Gift Card for $93

Activating the card

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Spoofee - 2 weeks ago!
It's currently 5.01% off. If you buy using a credit card that earns 1-2% off, that's like 6% off.
Guest #324 - 2 weeks ago
Thanks! this worked just now for me. I used 2 different emails (not sure if that makes a diff) but the same cc. Bought the first for $94.99 and the second for $95.10. Great deal for something that rarely goes on discount.
Spoofee - 2 weeks ago!
Deal is now only 4.03% off. Still not a bad deal, but will mark as dead.
Guest #9069 - 2 weeks ago
Get outta here with this NONSENSE! Emma, you need to get a different job!
Guest #472 - 2 weeks ago
I just tried with two different credit cards. The transactions were refunded by Eneba, so maybe they aren't offering the discount anymore? Regardless, after spending over 30 minutes with fraud alert representatives and such, I gave up on trying to get this decent deal.
Guest #298 - 2 weeks ago
This deal worked for me. Gift card applied fine into Amazon. Thank you!