Amazon Warehouse Used Items and Returns for 20% Off

Posted on Nov 23rd 2023
Amazon Warehouse Used Items and Returns for 20% Off
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Amazon Warehouse is offering an extra 20% off Amazon Warehouse items!

Link to Amazon Sale

You will get an extra 20% off during checkout

Free shipping with $25 purchase or with Prime
How to get another 7% off everything at Amazon

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  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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Guest #8788 - 1 year ago
Not in effect now. Just tried to place an order and spoke to an amazon rep because there was no discount. They said it wasn't in effect now.
Guest #9003 - 2 years ago
Bought 4 CFEXPRESS memory cards at $30 discount each. Ran Crystal DM and H2testw and found cards were new and zero issues.
Guest #663 - 2 years ago
Warehouse deals can be a pain. Do not indulge if you are on a time crunch, do not want to get into the hassle of returns and repurchase. My personal experience:
An order containing a certain product in a set of two had two entirely different brand products in them.
Another order with a bulb has a bulb that was broken
Another order had a wrong product in the box.
Guest #654 - 2 years ago
Recent Headset purchase only stated 'cosmetic' issues, Headset had one side broken, how is that cosmetic, wait for sale or barter with someone on another site.
Guest #8651 - 2 years ago
BEWARE! Most returns have problems and I bet they do not test them before selling them!
Guest #310 - 2 years ago
Kets say I'm buying lighting for my home. A light is $80 there's a 25% off coupon. When I scroll down I see fir $60 do I still get 25% off that?? Thanks DAK
Guest #298 - 3 years ago
Now you too can proudly own Pocket Notebook editions of certain books... :-)
Guest #9058 - 3 years ago
20% discount only on limited Warehouse items.
Guest #479 - 4 years ago
Very limited selection for what's discounted...
Guest #615 - 4 years ago
I just buy it new from Amazon and return it. Then when it shows up here, I know who the previous owner was and collect my discount!
Guest #460 - 4 years ago
Thanks got a great deal on a luggage set these things get banged up anyways so used is fine
Guest #678 - 4 years ago
Selections are limited but if there’s anything you need, these are killer deals I got a ton of paper plates
Guest #362 - 4 years ago
The 20% off is still working it works on the items on that page
Guest #480 - 5 years ago
You only get 20 off of select items. This is false advertisement.
Guest #460 - 5 years ago
The free returns is invaluable - I bought box of 6 filters - only got 5 and they were not what I ordered. Looks like someone returned off brand items and put stickers on them to now be brand name. Return was easy - other than packing up and taking to UPS.
Guest #652 - 5 years ago
Buy all the stuff you bought last month and returned, now 20% off!
Spoofee - 5 years ago!
Deal is back!