AMC or Regal Cinemas 26% Off

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AMC or Regal Cinemas 26% Off
Jennifer Miller

Aug 18th 2020 06:23 pm

CardBear is offering 26% off gift cards from AMC Theatres or Regal Cinemas.

Buy them today if you believe movie theaters will come back one day.

AMC Theatres - 24.4% off

Regal Cinemas - 27% off

MovieTickets - 27% off

Atom - 6% off

Vudu - 4.9% off

Showcase Cinemas - 16.1% off

Fandango - 39.5% off

Marcus Theatres - 22% off

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  • Guest
    Guest - 11 months ago
    Terminator was horrible. Frozen 2 was good. Joker was great
  • Guest
    Guest - 1 year ago
    Highly recommend Joker. I'm actually pretty surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Yeah, it's a bit too derivative of Scorsese and you could argue a little shallow, but I had a pretty great time overall. Joaquin's absolutely amazing in it, the dialogue's pretty sharp, the soundtrack's really haunting and, especially considering it's Todd Philips, the direction's not only solid, but occasionally pretty creative. I don't know, call me crazy, but I thought it was great.