Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB Smartphone for Free If You Switch to Xfinity Mobile

Posted on Aug 26th 2022
Apple iPhone 12 mini 64GB Smartphone for Free If You Switch to Xfinity Mobile
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Xfinity Mobile is offering the 64GB iPhone 12 Mini for FREE, but you need to subscribe to their mobile plan for 24 months starting at only $15/month. This is an excellent deal for minimal users!

Xfinity uses the same network as Verizon so you have great coverage!

This deal requires you to transfer a number from another carrier

Device credits applied monthly to your account over 24 months so long as Device Agreement is in effect.

If line is canceled, voluntarily or involuntarily or device payments are accelerated, balance of credits associated with device payment are forfeited. Not valid with prior purchases, returns or exchanges.

Offer ends 9/1/22

Step 1
Xfinity Mobile requires residential post-pay Xfinity Internet

Step 2
Go to Xfinity

Step 3
Activation of new Xfinity Mobile line and transfer of phone number from another carrier within 30 days of phone purchase date

Step 4
You have to be on this Xfinity plan for 24 months to get the iPhone 12 mini for free
The cheapest plan is $15/month which gives you 1GB of data

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Guest #527 - 1 year ago
Great deal, but it appears there's no way to get this deal without an Xfinity account and it app you can't get an Xfinity account without subscribing to a Comcast service like cable TV. Does anybody have any solutions to get to deal.
Spoofee - 1 year ago!
This is a perfect deal for anyone that doesn't use their phone much.

I currently pay about $25/month for my parents that barely use their phone. Maybe ~100mb/month on a busy month.

Next 2 years would cost $25 x 24 = $600 each!

By switching to Xfinity and transferring their number with the free iPhone 12 mini...

Let's just say it's going to cost $20 with bogus fees on top of the $15/plan (should be less than $20).

$20 x 24 = $480

And the iPhone 12 mini will unlock in 2 years and let's just say, has a value of $300.

Making the total cost $180 for the next 2 years for them to have a cell phone plan.