Apple MagSafe Charger for iPhone 12 13 MHXH3AMA for $23.99 Shipped

Next best price on Google is $39

Posted on Jul 09th 2022
Apple MagSafe Charger for iPhone 12 13 MHXH3AMA for $23.99 Shipped
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


eBay is offering the Apple MagSafe Charger (MHXH3AM/A) for the best deal. These are genuine authentic made by Apple which have a stronger magnet hold. Works for iPhone 12 and 13.

Next best price on Google is $39 Shipped

ebay Price is $23.99 Shipped

Target Sale Price is $31.99
* Free shipping with $35 purchase
* Available in-stores

How to know you have a genuine Apple magsafe charger

  • Check R-NZ is written on the USB-C puck base
  • Check if Apple recognized it by going to Settings > About > Magsafe Charger > Confirm A2140 shows up
  • Check serial number is written on the cable
  • Magsafe should snap hard and strong
  • Bonus - Confirm the serial on the box, cable, and the serial mentioned by iPhone is the same

We ordered a few Magsafe chargers from the eBay seller, rake-rock, and received the following


Charging USB-C Puck states "R-NZ" on the base edge

Magnet is strong and charge is working great!

Cable will actually have the serial number printed very lightly

Go to Settings > About > Magsafe Charger > You should see model number A2140 Firmware
Serial number showed up sometimes for me

If you want it new, you can buy it on Amazon for $35.99 shipped

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Guest #433 - 1 month ago
At $21.88. why not. One thing I do hate is the USB-C plug, but this is supposed to give it more voltage right?
Spoofee - 1 year ago!
Price is now down to $29.85
Guest #6702 - 1 year ago
List Price: $39.00.
It's $5 off, but look at the reviews.