Applebees Grill and Bar Boneless Wing for $0.25

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Applebees Grill and Bar Boneless Wing for $0.25
Sophia Davis

Oct 30th 2019 04:36 am

Applebees Grill + Bar is offering Applebee's Boneless Wing for $0.25 each!

* Offer valid for Dine-In only

* Celery and dipping sauce available at additional cost

Step 1
Go to CardBear and buy a discounted Applebee's gift cards to use on your purchase to save another 10% off
The digital delivery or eCodes will be sent to you right away

Step 2
Go to your local Applebee's

Step 3
Ask for the $0.25 wings

Step 4
Use the discounted gift card to pay for your check

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