ATM Fee Class Action Settlement

Posted on Jan 15th 2022
ATM Fee Class Action Settlement
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Banks are paying anyone that paid an ATM surcharge to withdraw cash from a bank ATM between October 1, 2007 and November 12, 2021.

Pretty much anyone that used an ATM machine

Claim Form Deadline : May 11, 2022

This settlement is available for claimants without proof

Step 1
Go to OpenClassActions

Step 2
Click "Submit Claim Here"

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Guest #571 - 2 years ago
I contacted the administrator and asked for removal. There is no way I want my name to be part of the lawyers cash grab.
Guest #456 - 2 years ago
The attorneys will probably be buying new Ferrari's.
Guest #401 - 2 years ago
Oh Brother! Millions of dollars for the lawyers & pennies for the people, that have been so ‘horribly damaged.’ Class Action lawsuits are the BIGGEST PERVERSION of our legal system! Leave it to EMMA.... the Queen of the Non-Deal!