Blue Apron 20 Meals for $12 Shipped

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Posted on Apr 13th 2024
Blue Apron 20 Meals for $12 Shipped
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Blue Apron is offering 20 meals for $57 including shipping. Rakuten is offering a $45 cashback on Blue Apron today. This makes it essentially 20 meals for $12 including shipping

Regular Price is $170.79

Step 1
If you don't have a Rakuten Account yet, sign up at Rakuten first for free

* Bonus Tip : Check if your credit card has any cash back offers on Blue Apron. For example, American Express is currently offering $25 off $50 on Blue Apron purchases

Step 2
Go to the Blue Apron Offer and you should see the $45 Cash back offer


Step 3
Click "Shop Without Adding"

Step 4
Sign up with a new email address to Blue Apron

Step 5
Make sure your total is over $45+
We went with a meal that's $57 for 5 recipes to serve 4!
With the $45 cashback this is only $12!
That's essentially $0.60/meal!


Step 6
After your order is shipped, make sure you cancel your Blue Apron subscription unless you want to continue.
* You may want to skip future orders then cancel after you received your cashback to avoid any chance of clawbacks.

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Guest #669 - 2 weeks ago
Link broken, doesn't work
Guest #490 - 2 weeks ago
My Amex gave me $25 off $50 so I was paid money to take this deal.
Not sure how Blue Apron stays in business but I'll take it!