Bricks VR Oculus VR Game for Free

Posted on Jul 24th 2022
Bricks VR Oculus VR Game for Free
By glitterdog


Oculus is offering Bricks VR for free. BricksVR is a multiplayer sandbox building game in VR in early access.

- Invite friends to a shared world and build creations together. Shared worlds include voice chat, physics, and the ability to save progress.
- You're not limited by what's in the box in BricksVR. Place thousands of bricks on mobile VR with no lag, and choose from over 16 million brick colors.
- Wander around your builds from the perspective of a miniature person, or stomp around and chase others as a giant!
- Open your world to the public to show off your creations. You can also lock your world so visitors can't make changes

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