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Burberry Replica Scarf for $6.99 Shipped

Posted: 02/17/18 09:47 pm ( 5 months ago )
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Burberry Replica Scarf

eBay has removed replica items from being listed, but sellers are now just listing them without the brand name on the listing or the product. A real Burberry scarf can run $300-400. This replica is not the same material, but looks similar enough and will keep you warm.

This seller has it for $6.99 Shipped

Another Big Seller has it for $11.99 Shipped

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Guest - 4 months ago
LOL, WHY would you want to buy it? Since its counterfeit are you seriously expecting the same Quality from Burberry. I rather go with GAP,
Guest - 5 months ago
This should be removed immediately. You now promote selling ILLEGAL COUNTERFEIT items? Wow.
Guest - 5 months ago
All of you getting angry at Spoofee for promoting this scarf, the designs aren't exactly the same and plus it doesn't have the Burberry tag. Its just a plaid scarf with the same colors so calm down
Guest - 6 months ago
Awesome!! Not all people can afford them !
Guest - 7 months ago
You're SURE its slightly different? You're SURE? I'm glad you're Sure so its okay.

Guest - 8 months ago
Spoofee at it again with their splendid moral high ground, all after that dollar dollar bill, y'all!
Guest - 8 months ago
Selling Counterfeit goods is ILLEGAL.
Guest - 8 months ago
fake much?
Guest - 8 months ago
Promoting fake items? I'm sure Burberry would not be happy with your Counterfeit promotion. You should remove this.
Guest - 8 months ago
I've had one of these eBay fake scarfs - pretty good quality actually.
Guest - 2 years ago
Replicas are fakes. so good job Spoofee for promoting fakes.
Guest - 2 years ago
How disappointing that Spoofee is actually listing replica items. I'm pretty sure the replica scarves are the ones that itches the crap out of your neck.
Guest - 2 years ago
Burberry actually owns the rights to that particular plaid design, with that particular color combination. Selling it, even as a 'replica' or as a different brand entirely, is against U.S. and international laws.

New York City is notorious for it's black market of knockoffs, forgeries, fakes, bootlegs, whatever you want to call them, but it's pretty disturbing to see something as illegal as this pushed as a positive thing on an internet deal site.

Ebay may be pretty lax on enforcing it's own policies and even in responding to demands from law enforcement and government agencies, but you can be sure these idiots will be raided at some point and the fake merchandise will be seized, displayed, and destroyed.

A *better* alternative is to just get a better quality scarf from a name brand where you're paying more for the quality of the materials and workmanship rather than the name brand on the box it comes in.

There are plenty of companies that make much, much better scarves than Burberry ever will, and they cost well under $100.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 4 years ago
After getting these, as an amateur, it's hard to tell the difference between these and the ones at the store (at least the $300 ones). There are ones that cost $1000 which are great quality.
kenji4861 (L6 Recruit) - 5 years ago
I disagree. If someone is not willing to pay for a luxury brand design, that does not mean their financial situation is not good. It probably actually means the opposite. Why not buy a replica if you can achieve the same look for 1-10% of the price? I think it's a smart purchase. If quality is the question, I can't comment. I think it's hard to justify 10-100x the price for the quality you get, but that's subjective.
Spoofee (Spoofee.com!) - 5 years ago
But it's not, it's playing within eBay rules. No brand name and I'm sure the design is just very slightly different.

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