Clean Out Your House and Sell to Make Money

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Clean Out Your House and Sell to Make Money
Emma Johnson

Sep 18th 2020 11:10 pm

eBay Mercari Poshmark ThredUp OfferUp Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are great tools to sell your items you no longer use. Clean out your house and earn some cash to spend this weekend!

Step 1
Get everything out in your house / closet / garage / storage that you haven't seen in a while

Step 2
Separate into Keep / Throw away / Sell

Step 3
For the "Sell" items, you have the following choices

eBay - 12.9% selling fee
* The biggest audience. Great for anything that can be shipped.

Mercari (mobile) - 10% selling fee ONLY UNTIL END OF SEPTEMBER
* Lower fees and great for apparel and electronics

ThredUp - Easiest way to get rid of apparel
* You just throw everything in a bag and they will sell everything for you!
* If you don't have time, this is the best solution, but they may sell it at a very low price compared to what you could have sold it for.

Poshmark - 20% selling fee
* If you have expensive brand name apparel, this is a longer game, but Poshmark is the way to go

OfferUp (mobile) or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace - 0% fees
* Get rid of bigger items here. Since you are meeting people in person, there are no fees or shipping fees.
* Great to get rid of heavier or bigger items

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