Clear Plus Membership and a $75 Uber Voucher for $189

Posted on Mar 07th 2024
Clear Plus Membership and a $75 Uber Voucher for $189
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Clear Plus is offering a $75 Uber Voucher if you sign up for their annual membership.

We don't believe Clear offers much value unless you travel a lot.
Supposedly, you can move faster through airport security nationwide in our designated CLEAR Lanes at TSA checkpoints.

This deal is only a good deal if you have a credit card that gives you Clear Plus for free

Step 1
Go to Clear Plus

Step 2
You should see on the top "$189 plus you will receive a $75 Uber Voucher"
* If you do not, make sure to use code SAVETIME75 during checkout

Step 3
Limit one $75 Uber Voucher per customer. Must be applied at the time of sign up. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Available to new CLEAR Plus Members only. Uber Vouchers are valid until 9/19/24. Subject to change or cancellation.

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