ConflictCraft PC Game for Free

Posted on Apr 11th 2023
ConflictCraft PC Game for Free
By glitterdog


Indiegala is offering Conflictcraft for free. ConflictCraft is a strategy title set in an alternate reality where you gain control of the battles against ISIS insurgency.

Your goals are to control all points on the map and destroy enemy bases while keeping a close eye on your resource management and defense of friendly units.

Your buildings constantly generate unit points every 10 seconds, and you can send half the troops from your bases to any position on the map.

To destroy your enemies, you have tanks, attack choppers, support helicopters, jets, and rocket launchers. Forces can be upgraded, allowing for custom strategies and tactics in an open-ended manner.
There's local multiplayer mode with full controller support, allowing you to play with your friends and compete against each other.

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