Costco Membership + $40 Gift Card + $40 Coupon for $60

Posted on Sep 14th 2021
Costco Membership + $40 Gift Card + $40 Coupon for $60
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Costco is offering their Costco membership with $80 in savings for $60. They are pretty much giving away $20 for you to become a new Costco member. This is their Costco Wholesale Fall Exclusive Membership Promotion!

Step 1
Must be a new Costco member

Step 2
Go to Costco and use promo code GRPMKT21

Step 3
Get one of the following memberships
* Gold Star Membership $60
* Executive Membership (with 2% Annual Reward) $120

Step 4
You will receive a free $40 Costco Shop Card
You will also receive $40 off $250 for Costco online

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