Costco Year Membership with $40 Cash Card for $60

Next best price on Google is $100

Posted on May 23rd 2022
Costco Year Membership with $40 Cash Card for $60
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Groupon is offering a Year Costco Gold Membership with a $20 Costco Cash and a $40 off $250 Costco online coupon for the price of a regular Costco membership price. If you were thinking of getting a membership, this is a decent offer

To qualify as a new member, an existing Costco membership must be expired prior to January 1, 2022

Offer is limited to one per household

Regular Price is $100

This is only for new members

This bundle comes with
- Year Costco Membership
- $40 Costco Shop Card
- $40 off an order of $250+ on Costco Online * Good until August 14, 2022

Link to Groupon Offer

Redeem your voucher by July 10th, 2022

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Guest #313 - 3 years ago
I work in the Membership Dept at my local Costco.
Allow me to clarify the important fine print of the deal that many people don't read and get upset for not getting their promotional cash card in the mail.

'To qualify for the package incentives, NEW members must sign up for auto-renewal of the Costco membership using ANY Visa credit or debit card. If a member elects not to sign up for auto-renewal, incentives will not be mailed.' That means ANY VISA credit/debit card must be put on for Auto-Renew for next year. You CAN opt to disable Auto-Renew after receiving your promotion in the mail.

'Valid only for NEW members and those whose memberships EXPIRED PRIOR to April 1, 2020. Not valid for the renewal of an existing Costco membership.' So if your membership is still active or membership expired after 04/01/2020, you can still purchase the deal and follow the instructions to the T, but you won't get $40 Shop Card in the mail and $40 off coupon in your inbox.

Your promotion of $40 Shop Card will come in your snail mail inbox 4-6 weeks after corporate verifies that you have a VISA credit/debit put on file for Auto-Renew. Your $40 off $250 online order coupon would be emailed to your inbox.

With that said, this is a two-step process: 1) you buy a $60 Costco Shop Card from Groupon.
2) you get the $60 Shop Card/gift card 16-digit number in your inbox and instructions link to apply that Shop Card to purchase your Costco membership online in that link in the instructions. Purchase the Costco membership and pay with the Shop Card numbers/PIN code. Pay the appropriate tax of your state online too. Bring in the confirmation email that has your Costco Membership number starting with 111___ and ID to your local Costco warehouse to take your photo print your card. Your promo will come via mail 4-6 weeks later.
Guest #426 - 3 years ago
You need to reword the title as it appears in your email broadcast... this is not a “Free Costco Membership” any way you slice it.
Guest #0963 - 3 years ago
I believe is $40 shop card if you sign for auto renewal, better check how to remove from auto renewal before applying
Guest #386 - 3 years ago
So $40 shop card if you sign up fro there credit card?
Doesn't seem like a deal, Sams Club is $45 to sign up for there credit card all the time.
Spoofee - 4 years ago!
Deal is back from Groupon!
Guest #529 - 4 years ago
If you saved your T-mobile Tuesdays Groupon deal for this week.. The $20 credit they gave us .. appears to work on it.. Making it $40.

I gotta till I get paid tomorrow to try it.. but thought I would share the info.
Guest #446 - 4 years ago
For returns, exchanges, sale adjustments, and since you do not have an account where all purchases are logged under, you have to have your receipt if you pay as you suggested.

That said, and since Costco uses theemal paper for their receipts, and since those will susceptible to fading when exposed to heat/UV light, you'd have to be dilligent about digitally scanning your receipts to preserve them..

Yes, I realize yiu qualified your statemwnt by saying 'if you don't shop there often'.

Another thing is Costco has many items that are 'Member Only' that you could not purchase (or even see a price) if you only have a gift card but no membership!
Guest #486 - 4 years ago
I tried the gift / cash card trick in one of the NJ store and the cashier refused to let me buy anything with it. I have to get a refund on the gift card.
Guest #467 - 4 years ago
'I've done this for 5-10 years, never had a problem'

5-10 years? you dont know? thats a ridiculous range there bud.
upx1 - 4 years ago
L9 Corporal
Shop at Costco for free, no membership required !

If you rarely go to Costco, and/or know a Costco member / friend who will buy a few $10 Costco 'CashCard' aka gift cards for you, you don't need a membership. Use ONE card for each visit.
Just enter & pay using the gift card. The first $10 of your purchase will have to be paid from the gift card, the rest can be paid via credit card, debit card or cash.
I've done this for 5-10 years, never had a problem. Even with returns and discounts/sale prices.