DoorDash DashPass Members Select Stores $50 Off $70 Coupon

Posted on Aug 15th 2022
DoorDash DashPass Members Select Stores $50 Off $70 Coupon
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


DoorDash is offering $50 off $69.99 on select stores only for DashPass members. If you are a Dash Pass member, this is an incredible deal. Works nationwide. Coupon promo code is 50FORSHIP and can be used until August 17th, 2022

Coupon promo code is 50FORSHIP

Good until August 17th, 2022

Step 1
Must be a Dash Pass member

Step 2
Go to DoorDash to see if there is anything you want

Step 3
Add at least $69.99+ worth of goods

Step 4
Use coupon promo code 50FORSHIP

Some example stores

How to get another 7.6% off everything at DoorDash

CardBear sells discounted DoorDash gift cards. You can buy those discounted gift cards to use on top of this purchase to save even more.

  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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Spoofee - 1 month ago!
Don't feel like I scored, but I ordered from Barbecue at Home.
Got the 'Fill Your Freezer' set (on their website, it's $69.99 ship). I got that for $55 including shipping.
It includes 2 - Pork Tenderloin (5 - 6 oz. ea.)2 - Filet Mignon (6 oz. ea.)2 - Pork Chop (8 oz. ea.)2 - Chicken Breast (16 oz. ea.)1 - Caribbean Chipotle Barbecue Rub (4.4 oz.).
Guest #433 - 1 month ago
Best deal I found was Carlo's Bakery. If you order the cheapest thing on the site which is the 1lb butter cookies for 29.99, it allows you to add other items at a discount to get to the $69 total. I did the 8 slice sampler for $35 and 1 lb rainbow cookies for $15 for total of 79.95. With $50 discount, my total was 29.95 5.00 tax for total of 34.95.

If you order the 8 slice sampler, it's $74.95 by itself just FYI. I have ordered 8 slice cake in past. It's pretty good and everything comes frozen on dry ice and individually packed so you can freeze whatever you want to eat later.