Earn Extra Cash On Your Free Time with Instacart

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Earn Extra Cash On Your Free Time with Instacart
Jennifer Miller

Mar 22nd 2020 06:05 am

Instacart is a service where people will pickup groceries for you. You can work anytime you'd like and choose which tasks you would like to take.

This is a great option to have when you need to get out of the house

Step 1
Go to Instacart and fill out form

Step 2
Instacart will send you a credit card and a freebie

Step 3
Whenever you feel like working, take a look at the Shopper app to see any groceries that need to be picked up. They will tell you upfront the distance, how many items to pickup and how much you'll be paid for the delivery

Instacart roughly pays $8-25 per task depending on the items being purchased and how generous your neighborhood is with tip.

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  • Guest
    Guest - 4 months ago
    Pay is pretty low but sometimes you hit a unicorn that makes up for the rest
  • Guest
    Guest - 5 months ago
    Started doing IC, it’s tough at first finding all the items, but once you get to know the stores, it’s fun.
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    The customers are nice on this platform usually older ladies and mothers at home that really need the help
  • Guest
    Guest - 6 months ago
    I do this on my free time. I see it as an exercise. Some customers do order the tough stuff like water bottles

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