Eclipse Ice Cream Pint Size for Free After Rebate

Posted on Dec 16th 2023
Eclipse Ice Cream Pint Size for Free After Rebate
By glitterdog


Eclipse is offering a free pint of their ice cream for free after rebate.

Enter your phone number, treat yourself to a pint of Eclipse ice cream, and we'll Venmo or Paypal you back the full amount

Step 1
Go to GotoAisle and Enter your phone number

Step 2
Go to your local store and pick up a pint of Eclipse ice cream

Step 3
Text photo of your receipt and you will get paid back via Venmo or Paypal

Our visit to the Whole Foods

Whole Foods was offering a sale on Eclipse Ice Cream!

Mint Chocolate Chip wasn't available, so we had to go with these two


The non-dairy ice cream wasn't as good as regular ice cream, but was a great alternative. Thank you Eclipse!

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Guest #529 - 6 months ago
dont have venmo or paypal
Spoofee - 6 months ago!
This is a great deal! They have them at my local Whole Foods so I'm definitely picking them up. Thank you Glitterdog.