Free 100-Day US Mobile Service with Unlimited Talk and Text and 15GB Data

Posted on Jan 15th 2023
Free 100-Day US Mobile Service with Unlimited Talk and Text and 15GB Data
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


US Mobile is offering a 100-Day Free Trial with Unlimited Talk, Text, and 15GB Data. Porting in and auto-pay is required to get the 100-days for free.

Step 1
Go to US Mobile

Step 2
You will get 10-days with 15GB, unlimited talk, and unlimited text

Step 3
Transfer your number and setup autopay to get an additional 90-days for free

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Guest #8521 - 1 year ago
I had a really tough time with us mobile. Never was able to get data to work and customer service was unhelpful. When I decided to give up and transfer to another service they wouldn't give me my account info so I could port my number. They said I had to purchase a plan first (even though I couldn't get their data to work, nor could they). I threaten to report them to the BBB and finally they gave me the account info but the port never worked and I had to change numbers. You might want to try them before porting your number because even if the service doesn't work you might never get your number back.
Guest #2869 - 1 year ago
I signed up in December and my experience has been mixed. Great, friendly and helpful customer support but even though my family have had no issues with their devices (iphones/androids) on the Verizon Warp 5G service in Missouri, I've had bad luck with unusable internet (40 seconds to load websites). That said we went from paying $180 on a grandfather tmobile plan to $115 (after taxes). Customer support also is shipping me a free sim card to hopefully fix my issues