Free 32oz ICEE for AMC Stockholders

Posted on Jul 20th 2022
Free 32oz ICEE for AMC Stockholders
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


AMC is offering 32oz ICEE beverages for AMC stockholders! These are all self-identified share holders of and it doesn't matter how many shares of AMC you hold or are HODLing

Step 1
Must be an AMC Stockholder

Step 2
Go to Investors Connect

Step 3
Sign in and check off "I am an AMC stockholder"

Step 4
Those who enroll by 9/30/22 will receive one free 32oz ICEE! The offer will be conveniently added to your AMC Stubs account by 7/21/22 (or within 24-48 hours of self-identification), so you only need to scan your virtual card to receive the discount.

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  1. Go to CardBear
  2. Look for the highest discount
  3. Wait for the discounted gift card to arrive
  4. During checkout, use the gift cards to pay

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