Free 36 Duracell Optimum AA or AAA Batteries

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Posted on Dec 12th 2022
Free 36 Duracell Optimum AA or AAA Batteries
Sophia Davis
By Sophia Davis


Office Depot is offering the 36-Pack Duracell Optimum AA or AAA Batteries with 100% Rewards Points. You can actually make money on this by purchasing this deal with a discounted gift card

* Limit of 2 per customer for the rewards

* Must be purchased by 12/17/2022

Regular Price is $69.96

Step 1
Go to CardBear to buy discounted 2x Office Depot $25 gift cards for 5% off.
* Office Depot will accept up to 2 gift cards, rest must be paid by credit card.

Step 2
If you are not yet a Office Depot Rewards member, sign up here first

Step 3
Go to Office Depot Rewards

Step 4
Choose 2 from the following
* 18x AA Batteries for $33.49
* 18x AAA Batteries for $33.49
* 12x AA Batteries for $22.99
* 12x AAA Batteries for $22.99

Step 5
Use coupon promo code 87735560 to get 25% off

Step 6
Use the discounted gift cards used on this purchase
* DO NOT USE Reward Credits to make this purchase. That will invalidate the 100% rewards

Step 7
Rewards member will get 100% back in Office Depot/OfficeMax Rewards
You will get $50.23 in rewards

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Guest - No login needed!
Spoofee - 1 year ago!
Deal is back
Guest #456 - 2 years ago
Oh no, not this again. So many hoops to jump thru.
Do I have to bark at a full moon?
Guest #299 - 2 years ago
How soon before I see the reward points in my account?
Guest #779 - 2 years ago
How long before you see the rewards in your office depot account?
Guest #320 - 2 years ago
got it....thx for the info!!
Spoofee - 2 years ago!
If you mean by getting past the 2 limit and just buying over and over with different accounts or same accounts, I'm not sure if it'll work. Never tried.

However, you cannot use reward points to qualify for another rewards back item. So let's say you get $50 reward back on these batteries and next week, they do the 100% reward again on a different set of batteries. If you pay for the batteries next week using reward dollars/points, you will not qualify for the reward back.

So every week, just buy these 100% reward back items using the gift cards.

What I end up doing is buy something that you can resell. Adobe Photoshop / Norton.. something that you can sell for close to retail price with the reward points. You can buy office supplies for yourself too, but generally Office Depot/Max is overpriced. Be careful.
Guest #320 - 2 years ago
can you repeat buying it and get rewards?