Free 7-Eleven Slurpee for T-Mobile Users

Posted on Jun 04th 2024
Free 7-Eleven Slurpee for T-Mobile Users
By glitterdog


T-Mobile is offering 7-11 Large Slurpee Drink for T-Mobile customers.

Only for T-mobile customers

Step 1 - Download the App
- iOS Version
- Android Version

Step 2 - Login
Open the app to create and login to your T-mobile account

Step 3
Under VIP Status, you will see freebies including

  • Free 7-11 Large Slurpee Drink
  • Little Caesars Large Pizza $2
  • Free Ink Cards Fathers Day Card
  • Legoland Parks 50% Off
  • Shell Fuel Rewards $0.20

Step 4
Just make sure you redeem it through the app

Link to T-mobile T Life

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Guest #348 - 2 weeks ago
Install invasive app to your phone and give all personal information to Tmobile and get 1 dollar worth of slurpee. What a DEAL!