Free Copy of The Relay by George Shamblin - Religious

Posted on Aug 19th 2023
By glitterdog


In the Relay, Shamblin catalogs the comparative successes and failures of nine individuals in passing-along their faith to the next generations from the father of all failure (Adam) to the ultimate Spiritual Rags To Riches success (Paul). At the center of his book, not only thematically but literally (chapter six of eleven), is Jesus Christ, whose followers took the race to a whole new level and a whole new arena. While a relay makes for an apt metaphor for passing-along our faith, Shamblin concludes, our goal as Christians is not to win a race but to win the world. More than a message of profound affirmation, The Relay is a triumph of practical How To advice for anyone looking to take their own journey with the Lord to the next level and beyond.

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