Free Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card Laminated at Office Depot

Posted on Apr 29th 2021
Free Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card Laminated at Office Depot
By glitterdog


Office Depot will laminate your Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card for free

Print and present coupon at the store. Valid through July 25, 2021 in all Office Depot & OfficeMax stores nationwide

Link to the free lamination offer

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Guest #2284 - 3 years ago
Relax everybody. Read the coupon. The offer and coupon clearly states that they will make a COPY of your vaccine record card, both front and back, and laminate the copy. Customer retains the original.
Guest #321 - 3 years ago
No lamination - agree with previous posters
Guest #633 - 3 years ago
So... I have seen many of these and in fact the CDC recommends NOT laminating your vaccine record, since you may (most likely) will need a booster in the fall. Of course you could always get another one from the place where you were vaccinated, but that’s a pain. Better to scan or take a digital photo of both sides and store them that way... and/or put the original in a plastic sleeve like a badge holder from a convention and lock it away with your passport and other travel stuff for when it’s needed.
Guest #742 - 3 years ago
Link does not work here
Guest #601 - 3 years ago
You shouldn’t get it laminated. There will be a booster shot within a year and they document that booster on your same card.
Guest #495 - 3 years ago
No, do not do this. You with need this card for any subsequent boosters.
Guest #0874 - 3 years ago
There’s more lines for possible future shot boosters... why laminate it so it’s unusable?
Guest #512 - 3 years ago
You should laminate it though...
Guest #654 - 3 years ago
Not a good idea. What if you have to take the 3rd shot this fall?
Guest #524 - 3 years ago
Many do not recommend laminating your card because we may need boosters moving forward. Make a copy and laminate the copy if you must.
Ronshere - 3 years ago
I'm hunting for freebies!
Staples is making the same offer nationwide and has not posted a date when the offer expires
Also you do not need a coupon at Staples, just your COMPLETED card.