Free Drihp Hemp Cotton Face Mask

Posted on Jun 25th 2020
Free Drihp Hemp Cotton Face Mask
By glitterdog


Drihp is offering the Drihp Face Mask for the best deal.

Link to Free Masks

Due to traffic, site load and checkout are very slow

Keep trying

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glitterdog - 3 years ago
L48 Hero
The offer did not have a shipping fee when posted
What happens many times an offer hits the internet, the expected traffic is much larger than expected
In response to the large number of requests and traffic sometimes the company changes the offer and requires shipping for all future requests
I believe that is what happened in this case. I usually try and edit the post when a company does this but in this case i did not
Guest #440 - 3 years ago
This is for 1 mask! It don’t tell you that when you order. I ordered mime on 6-26-20. Then I got an email stating they had problems with shipping and I would get my order in 10-14 days. Still on masks! So I emailed again and they said it never shipped because I ordered more than 1. It didn’t say only 1 per customer when I ordered it otherwise I would of never ordered it. They did say they are sending me 1 and refunding my shipping cost. We will see.
Guest #346 - 3 years ago
Charging 7 bucks for shipping is not free
Guest #674 - 3 years ago
NOT Free. There's a $6.99 shipping fee. No thanks.
Guest #659 - 3 years ago
This 'free' mask is almost $7 for shipping!
Guest #4056 - 3 years ago
At 6.99 shipping is not a deal.
vii - 3 years ago
L7 Private
$6.99 for shipping...
Guest #604 - 3 years ago
Not FREE you must pay 6.99 shipping!