Free Greek Gyro at Arbys

Posted on Aug 25th 2020
Free Greek Gyro at Arbys
By glitterdog


Arby's is offering a free Greek Gyro!

Step 1
Print or save this coupon to your phone
Expires 8/31/2020

Step 2
Go to your local Arby's

Step 3
Show the coupon during purchase

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Guest #4770 - 3 years ago
Worked for me. Thanks glitterdog.
Guest #513 - 3 years ago
So, you have to hold down the cursor for an hour?
Guest #2949 - 3 years ago
Even if this coupon does not work, you can still get heartburn and diarrhea for free every day of the year.
deal06seeker - 3 years ago
L14 Officer
I have never seen an Arby's coupon with a barcode.
Arby's around here have no scanner at their registers.

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glitterdog - 3 years ago
L48 Hero
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That is correct

The coupon is real, NOT a fake

You can play the game yourself and get the exact same coupon

I just posted one to save everyone the trouble
Guest #670 - 3 years ago
This coupon came from an online game that Arby's is sponsoring. All contestants get one of these coupons for playing at
Guest #479 - 3 years ago
Looks bogus to me. I get their coupons every week and they aren't going for this one. It even says spoofee on it.
Guest #4855 - 3 years ago
Yeah... looks super fake And no bar code or even code for them to type in
Guest #0832 - 3 years ago
Anyone having success using this one? Doesn't look very authentic
Guest #2737 - 3 years ago
They did not accept the coupon saying that It needed a bar code they can scan
Guest #298 - 3 years ago
Has anyone tested if valid yet?
Spoofee - 3 years ago!
Thank you Glitterdog!