Free Human Rights Pride Sticker

Posted on Jan 12th 2022
Free Human Rights Pride Sticker
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


HRC is offering a free human rights pride sticker! In celebration of International Pronouns Day and the continued fight for LGBTQ+ and non-binary equality, proudly display your pronouns - or prompt people to ask about yours - with a FREE pronoun sticker from HRC.

Step 1
Go to HRC

Step 2
Fill out the form

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Guest #1577 - 2 years ago
No thanks......ever
Guest #5821 - 2 years ago
Or we can care about mental health again and stop the gender identity crisis that's happening in America. Love is speaking the truth and not lying to make someone feel better about their life choices.
Guest #3201 - 2 years ago
Pride is a sin that puts oneself on a point of more importance than others, duties, and higher power.