Free $3 in AMP Cryptocurrency

Posted on Jul 02nd 2021
Free $3 in AMP Cryptocurrency
Emma Johnson
By Emma Johnson


Coinbase is offering $3 of AMP (Ampleforth Governance Token) for watching 3 videos.

Step 1
Must be a Coinbase member, if you aren't, sign up here first

Step 2
Go to Coinbase Rewards

Step 3
Under Ampleforth Governance Token Section, Watch the following 3 Videos to earn $1 AMP per video for $3 AMP
* What is AMP
* How is AMP used today?
* The Future of AMP

Answers may be
* Rebases
* Ample and Forth
* DEfi

Step 4
Other free crypto currencies you can get!
* BarnBridge: Answer 3 Questions, Earn $3 BOND
* The Graph: Answer 3 Questions, Earn $3 GRT
* Stellar Lumens: Answer 5 Questions, Earn $10 XLM
* Compund: Answer 3 Questions, Earn $9 COMP

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Free AMP Coins!

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