Free Lavazza K-cup Coffee Pods

Posted on Nov 23rd 2021
Free Lavazza K-cup Coffee Pods
By glitterdog


Send Me A Sample is offering a Lavazza Keurig K-Cup Pods Sample for free.

Link to Details

Step 1
Go to SendMeASample and register

Step 2
Activate account by confirming your email

Step 3
Install the Alexa App
* Apple iOS
* Google Android

Step 4
Once you install Alexa App, go to Account "Activity" then select "Link Account"

Step 5
You'll be redirected to Send Me a Sample website to register or login and follow on-screen prompts to link your account

Step 6
Alexa users, go here activate the skill

Step 7
Proceed to say the exact words "Ask Send Me a Sample for Lavazza"

How to use K-Cups without a machine if you don't have a Keurig machine

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Guest #563 - 2 years ago
Seemed to have worked for me
Guest #595 - 2 years ago
That is a lot of trouble for about a dollar's worth of coffee.
Guest #6208 - 2 years ago
Out of stock already! Thanks anyway.
Spoofee - 2 years ago!
Thanks Glitterdog!