Free Mailed Not Pot Valentine's Day Postcard

Posted on Feb 07th 2022
Free Mailed Not Pot Valentine's Day Postcard
By glitterdog


Airtable is giving out a free postcard to a pot pal! Whether it's for a crush, bff, or family member you haven't seen in a while due to COVID, we'd love to help you make someone's day via our new Pot Pals postcard service!

PS. Even though the handwriting on the postcard looks, well, human, humans don't actually write our postcards. Instead, we use the next best thing. AI aka artificial intelligence! Don't worry, everything's modeled off real handwriting (the pen pressure, line angle, etc.), so it's our little secret!

Go to Airtable and fill out the form

The Valentine's Day Postcard will be mailed!

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