Free Money from TikTok Settlement for Everyone

Posted on Nov 16th 2021
Free Money from TikTok Settlement for Everyone
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


TikTok or Musically was ordered to pay $92 million to their users. If you signed up for TikTok, you are entitled to a piece of the $92 million. Even if you never uploaded any videos.

The settlement, if approved would provide $92,000,000 to pay the members of the Settlement Class!

Step 1
You must have signed up for TikTok or Musically in the past.

Step 2
Go to the Tik Tok Settlement Page

Step 3
Click on the "Click Here" for the 2nd section

Step 4
Fill out form. You will need to enter your TikTok Username

Step 5
Get a piece of the $92 million

* Nationwide Class : All persons who reside in the United States who used the App prior to September 30th, 2021

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Guest #0204 - 1 year ago
Legit. This paid about 27.
Guest #3330 - 2 years ago
Yes, everyone gets a check for $0.97