Free $1 Movie Vudu Credit for Watching a Free Movie

Posted on Jun 25th 2020
Free $1 Movie Vudu Credit for Watching a Free Movie
By glitterdog


Vudu is offering a $1 movie credit for watching a free movie

The offer is mentioned on their contest. You should be able to qualify for the credit if you start the movie, watch the ad, then skip to the end and let it play to completion.

Link to Details

Step 1
Go to Vudu

Step 2
Watch any movie in the "watch for free collection" to get a Free $1 Vudu Credit
You must watch before 11:59 PM Pacific time on Thursday 6/25/2020

Step 3
You will get a $1 credit emailed to you

Movie titles you can watch
* Falling Down
* Rain Man
* Child's Play
* The Usual Suspects
* Ronin
* Raging Bull
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Guest #532 - 4 years ago
Deal is dead at 9:23pm PDT on Wed, Sep 25. Expired early.