Free $3 NEAR Cryptocurrency

Posted on Jun 28th 2023
Free $3 NEAR Cryptocurrency
Jennifer Miller
By Jennifer Miller


Coinbase is offering $3 of NEAR for answering 3 questions

This may only be for select members

Step 1 (if you don't have Coinbase)
Must be a Coinbase member, if you aren't, sign up here first

Step 2
Go to Coinbase Rewards

Step 3
Answer the following 3 quiz questions to earn $1 NEAR each for a total of $3 NEAR

  • What is Near? - NEAR is a simple-to-use, fast and secure climate-neutral blockchain built for developers by developers.
  • What can the NEAR token be used for? - To interact with apps and participate in governance on NEAR.
  • What format does NEAR use for wallet addresses? - Natural language like "dave.near"

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